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National Democratic Institue Report  on forthcoming Bangladesh Elections. September 2006

Human Rights Watch Report on Bangladesh January 2006 (pdf file)

A brief bio of Christina Rocca (pdf file)

Making Globalisation work for Bangladesh (pdf). Speech by Hilary Benn, UK Secretary of State for Development, 12 December 2005. Hilary Benn Speech

Made by Women: Gender, the Global Garment Industry and the Movement for Women Workers’ Rights, Clean Clothes Campaign, Dec 2005 (pdf file about 4.5mb)Made By Women

US State Department: Human Rights in Bangladesh 2005 (published March 2006)

The Economics and Governance of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh. August 2005 (uploaded 11.36am 17 May, 2006 in conjunction with today’s blog post).

The Political Economy of Secularism and Religion in Bangladesh by Mushtaq Husain Khan, SOAS.