As some of the world cup qualifiers get underway this weekend, I am thinking about the remarkable management style of the Bangladesh Football Federation. Remarkable in its short-sightedness that is. We haven’t qualified even at the pre-qualification stage for the World Cup in 2010 but there are other local tournaments coming up (Mardeka cup in Malaysia for example) and you wonder why you would give a coach a three and a half month contract ( as they have done to Shafiqul Islam Manik)? The reason given is that Bangladesh has had a lot of grief with local coaches and so an evaluation period is required. They seem to not understand that successful coaching takes a little longer than 3.5 months…. Since Argentinian Diego Cruciani was sacked for slapping an Indian referee ( is that not grief of sorts also), the national team have not known stability. You would think that with the recent injection of money from CityCell the matbors in the federation would take a serious look at the game and its management? Not yet it seems.

Anyway, I shall be waving the flag for a crushing win by England against Andorra this saturday. But no doubt it won’t happen or at least not a “crushing win.” Cuba are playing the USA. That should be fun. France - i shall be watching Nasri’s performance keenly. And South Africa versus Nigeria - will the super eagles crush the host country. Maybe SA need a wake up call?