During 2004-2006, etcetera in Gulshan was a fantastic place to buy books. Lots of local and indian titles and indeed titles from further afield. My memory fails but the branding may even have had Books in front of etc. Soon after the emergency promulgation, and some regulation about parking, drastic changes appeared in the Gulshan outlet, including the conversion of half the shopping area into a parking area. Indeed well before emergency, they restructured to bring in more general stuff for the consumer to buy. When Etcetera opened a swank new outlet in Dhanmondi, the “etcetera” component of their products had emphatically taken over from books. Don’t get me wrong - it is still a great place to find some gems but the book section has been becoming smaller and smaller. They still had their Harry Potter midnight opening sessions but things were decidedly going down. And now we have the latest addition to their non-book range of products - The Smokey Joe Sandwich. Card holders have been sent a marketing email about the arrival of this wonderful “sandwich.” Not about some bestseller or some forthcoming book event but The Smokey Joe Sandwich. Great. Mr Syed Maher Murshed has been an innovative entrepreneur but this??