Last week ( April 11th) was the 3rd anniversary of the terrible Spectrum Factory disaster in Savar. See an earlier post on this here

Lets recap on what has happened ( thanks to Clean Clothes Campaign).

  • Companies which have still not committed to the relief fund are: Carrefour (France), Cotton Group (Belgium), New Yorker, Steilmann, Kirsten Mode, and Bluhmod (Germany).
  • Last April 11 2007, progress on implementing the relief scheme had been delayed due to various reasons (including the political situation in Bangladesh)
  • Also last April, Inditex (Zara), initiator of the fund, distributed about US$ 3,000 total, divided over 22 of the victims, and pledged that the rest of an announced $60,000 advance would reach the remaining families shortly
  • Unfortunately during the last year there have been further delays regarding the advance payments. About 75 US$ was paid out to the victims since last year, but no advance payments were realized for the families of the dead.
  • On April 11, 2008, the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) in Bangladesh organized a press conference demanding full implementation of the Spectrum Trust Fund for the welfare of the affected workers and the families of the dead.

Drishtipat and we the makers of a documentary on Bangladeshi garment workers created a one-off fund for some of the workers appearing in our film. We extended the financial help to include a little girl - Nadia - who lost her father in the Spectrum Disaster in terms of financing her schooling. I am happy to report that at least that small assistance is being given timeously. And the latest reports are that she is doing well in her schooling. Here is a picture of Nadia last year:

Nadia receiving from Sultana Kamal