Jacqui Spliff

The procession of Labour cabinet ministers visiting Bangladesh continued this month. Jacqui Spliff, correction Smith, had a few things to say at the British High Commisioner’s residence the other day. Like her predecessor, the offensive John Reid, this Home Secretary also is obsessed focussed on terror. I wonder if she will flesh out some of the points she made below. They elevate the status of Bangladesh as a terror exporting country. Certainly, last January, this assessment by the foreign powers had something to do with what transpired in the country.

And this week Jacqui revealed that there were currently 30 active and ongoing terror plots in the UK. And some 2000 people involved. Well, I never…whoa etc. Like in true Tony Blair style, this government wants people to be scared. And scared people will accept anything including of course the lengthening of detention of terror suspects to an unprecedented 42 days. ( If you recall Tony tried 90 days and was defeated).

The labour party no longer uses the phrase “war on terror” but otherwise all things remain the same. Anyway, this is what Jacqui had to say in Dhaka:

There is a potential linkage between terrorists in Britain and terrorists in Bangladesh and we have shared interest and endeavor to tackle it through both short- and long-term measures…


We agree with the US analyses about HUJI-B [Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami Bangladesh] as a potential threat.


We value our counter-terrorism relationship with Bangladesh very highly.