Committee to Mess up the bloody place

The battle hardened fundamentalist forces took us back to pre-Jan 2007 days today when they turned the streets of Dhaka and Chittagong  into the type of potentially deadly confrontations we used to witness between the two established Bangladeshi tribal groups. Members of the Committee to Resist Normal Civilised Behaviour (also known as Committee to Resist Anti-Quran Laws), Jamaat and others took to the streets to protest against any kind of implementation of laws which give equal property rights of women. 

It would be anti-koranic and against the teachings of the prophet they argue. Remember the koran is the uncreated word of allah himself. It applies, whether you like it or not, to all places and for all time for muslims. It is beyond negotiation and it is the absolute truth. Got that?
Reformist muslims will come forth with all sorts of checks and balances and quotations but the fact of the matter is that it all adds up to nowt. You can’t do battle on the terms set by these mullahs. Every piece of surah or hadith has its reply from these learned chaps. So what is the answer? Build a tradition of secular politics? Um….i think we all know the shameful history of Awami League. Build a progressive politics based around Bangladeshi nationalism? Um… I think we all know the shameful history of BNP on that. Um…er…fight them on the streets? Now you are talking…

The liberal in me is piping up and squeaking - but what about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? What about the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women? What about our secular intellectual tradition? Well we haven’t bothered much really in the past -  with women or minorities or children or workers or refugees or the disabled or the infirm or journalists or ….. this nebulous concept called democracy.