The general has spoken: “let them eat Aloo bortha.” That is the advice given by Bangladesh’s top general concerning how to deal with the country’s rice crisis. To mark this historic and remarkable exhortation, I give below a recipe for aloo bortha.

1. Boil potatoes until soft. In the UK I find the Maris Piper variety to be best.

2. Fry onions and dried red chillies.

3. Set aside the onions and dried chillies to cool.

4. Add a modicum of the oil you have just used into the boiled potatos. Crush the chillies into the potatos, and mix the whole thing with the onions.

5. Salt to taste. Roll into fist sized balls.
Serve with rice, as the general has suggested, immediately.

A particularly large helping of bortha is required for Hasina who has ear trouble, eye trouble and standing-up-in-court trouble.

And John Pilger’s defence of Mr Slippery Moudud Ahmed is made bortha of by Asif Saleh in CiF . But Asif old chap, could you not have used the space to talk about other things? I mean Pilger’s intervention is old hat and has been dealt with sufficiently. Why make unnecessary aloo bortha of that has-been from down under?