As you know our documentary, Swapnabhumi- The Promised Land, is doing the rounds of “bihari camps” in Bangladesh. Here is a report direct from the field about the latest showings in Ishurdi.

Shafi bhai - the Ishurdi programme was really tremendous. The sound was perfect. Present among the packed crowd were some journalists, human rights activists… and the Union secretary also turned up to watch the documentary. After the viewing, they really appreciated the film and some said that we should be screening the film in different Bus stations and crowded places! The Union secretary also informed us that they had received 36 lac TK. for a sanitation programme of Ishurdi camp 1 or 2 from Care Bangladesh. Shafi Bhai the programme was a success! Next in Chittagong on 28 March. Khalid.

The enthusiastic report is let down by the somewhat crude photographs below…but it gives you a flavour. And before a certain FH points out the lack of women…..they were most certainly there!…its just that the ‘photographer’ didn’t have the bottle to approach them…..

Ishurdi 2