Brown and Fakhruddin

CA: What shall we talk about?
PM: Usual stuff about extremism and terrorism ok with you?
CA: With respect, I would like to talk about a Catering Institute in Sylhet.
PM: What??
CA: Yes my friends in Jago Bangladesh have told me to. You have put new restrictions on chefs visas and they don’t like it.
PM: Look can we not talk about more urgent things like democracy?
CA: You mean like what you are promoting in Iraq?
PM: Erm..well, hmm. But why do so many of you chaps want to come here in the first place? Its giving me a bloody headache.
CA: Well the country is sinking under the sea for a start. And you like lamb vindaloos and chicken rogan josh.
PM: Fine! Great idea to link it with something green. We will have a couple of conferences on global warming stuff. Junkets for your civil servants and so-called experts. That should do it?
CA: Human rights. You need to make me look good on that..
PM: Oh yes that old crap. I guess we owe you on that one. Yes, lets trot out something about institutional reforms of the caretaker Government, the mandate of the Anti-Corruption, Election and Public Service Commissions and the Human Rights Commission?
CA: Cool. What about some money for English lessons?
PM: Eh? You went to Princeton for god’s sake!
CA: You don’t want illiterate mullah types to come and be a pain in your backside do you? We always come with a begging bowl. Its our tradition. I can’t go back empty handed can I?
PM: You are right. You will get £50 million for an “English in Action” programme. That will fit in nicely with our new language requirements also for UK nationality.
CA: £50 million for 25 million intendeded beneficiaries of that programme? But, Gordon, that adds up to £2 per person. A miserable 250 takas ….
PM: What do you expect? I am a thrifty Scot after all.