Ah finally some good news for Bangladeshis….Tahmima Alam has won the regional Commonwealth best book prize ( Europe and South Asia) with her book “A Golden Age.” It is on my ever expanding reading list for this year… Well done her and I wonder what she will do with the 1000 smackeroos?

It is said that ex-PM Hasina’s stomach has become a pharmacy in the last three months….perhaps that is why  5 members of the 7 panel team of doctors looking after her have been replaced? The CTG says they were partisan doctors ( …as well as being relatives of various Awami Leaguers). We have a partisan judiciary ( or has that really ended??) - so why not partisan doctors? The hosptial is keeping schtum ( they have most to gain after all if they treat her…) with John Gomes, the General Manager of the hospital, declaring he knows nothing. Would someone please tell the man that as General Manager its his damn business to know? The “dodgy 5″ believed that she was in danger of going deaf among other things. There might be some truth in that. Instead of pumping her with medication, has anyone tried telling Hasina to stop shouting? It might do her hearing and her party a lot of good?

And then we have this editorial. It is disheartening news that after announcing a radical set of measures concerning women’s property rights, the government climbed down after pressure from the great guardians of koranic truth. So what the hell is this editorial doing painting a rosy picture and ignoring the vociferous objections to the proposed law? What have I missed?