Powderburn and Bangladesh Fans

Yes you have come to the right place my faithful readers. Surprised by the photo above? Don’t be. They are Bangladesh and Powderburn fans at a recent concert in Rock City Icehouse, Texas . When I say “Bangladesh” I refer to a heavy metal band which has recently entered the scene in that most bohemian of US states. Do they play bangla heavy metal you ask? No. Lets just say that it is not quite the sort of music you turn to soothe your troubled soul. Even the graphics are enough to make you wonder what the hell is going on in that part of America. Check this:


Having trouble believing all this? Go to their home page here. (Cotton plugs advised). But before you react with nationalist contempt take a look at their spiel…their raison d’etre for the selection of the name:

The message of Bangladesh is simple….Rise up against, and separate yourself from, everything that keeps you from reaching your fullest potential. Everything about Bangladesh embodies this concept. It is heartfelt, hardcore sincerity served up with an intensity that simply cannot be matched.

Enough to warm your nationalist cockles? Some one should invite them to Bangladesh’s premier venue for Heavy Metal (which is sadly across the road from me in Road No 35). Here are the tone-deaf bunch of nutters musicians themselves:

Bangladesh Heavy Metal