This is quite awesome news. It seems that this caretaker government has pulled off an interesting development.

Bangladesh has fixed a new minimum wage for unskilled workers in Saudi Arabia which will take effect from July 1.

Last week I was wondering what was going on when Mohammed Yunus, our roving diplomat, made some rather obsequious statements when he was in Saudi. He basically said that Bangladeshis are as law abiding as any other foreign worker. He went on to say, rather unnecessarily given his previous statement, that Bengali workers should abide by Saudi rules and regulations. That is easy for him to say so. He does not have to suffer the same atrocious wages and conditions. I was going to blog about it but I thought I had blogged enough about the grinning saviour of Bangladesh and the planet’s poor. He also had a chair named after him with some 15 scholarships attached to it. Here is a report about how well Yunus’ speeches went down during this critical time for Bangladeshis in Saudi. Then came a Daily Star report about the BD government exhorting Bangladeshi workers to behave in the Kingdom. This was followed by a further report about how the Bangladesh government is going to deal with Rohingyas who have been “abusing” Bangladeshi passports and creating trouble in Saudi. So it was interesting that all this was happening - as if it was a lead up to something. And it seems that matters have come to a head and there is some kind of deal.

What kind of deal has been hatched with Yunus’ help? No idea yet apart from the meagre details above. Which sectors are involved? What about other issues? Passport retention? Amnesty? If you are interested take a look at what the Indian government are facing in the UAE.