Abdul Kader Mollah

I have had to search hard but Abdul Kader Mollah is irrefutable proof of the benefits the last BNP government brought to ordinary employees in certain state enterprises. Mr Mollah, a sales assistant drawing less than $70USD a month, nevertheless managed to amass a fortune totalling at least $66 million dollars (according to his own conservative reckoning) thanks to the auspices of the BNP’s Collective Bargaining Agent and others. Click the link above to read about Mollah and his successful colleagues. Yes, yes - it was not just a solitary success story! At least 80 percent of Titas Gas’ 2800 employees came up trumps too. What finer testimony to the stewardship of industries by the last Khaleda Zia government can there be?

Is it any wonder that the middle classes are fed up with the present government? Price hikes and an end to such benevolent industrial enterprises? The High Court should immediately halt the present government’s investigations into these activities given that these matters happened many years ago ( as in Hasina’s graft cases). Let Mollah flourish!