I leave it to you dear reader - which is the less palatable news? That bird flu is running rampant in the country or that the equally deadly Hasina might be let off on a technicality? The most bizarre ruling has just been passed by the High Court. Apparently Hasina cannot be tried for alleged crimes which took place several years ago and committed before this caretaker government took over. Tried, that is, under emergency regulations (with no bail etc). Interestingly of course when it comes to the punishment of others for similarly old or older crimes,  the Awami League are most eager for the current emergency government to go ahead and pursue them. It is her party, for example, which is baying for blood for those who committed crimes in 1971 and later.

You will notice that the same article makes reference to Khaleda denying corruption. I ask you, dear reader, was there ever any corruption in the country in the first place? I am sure if you asked the High Court in its current mood they will deny it existed.