Buoyed by the inclusion of Bangladesh in J P Morgan’s “Frontier Five” group of countries and also Goldman Sach’s “Next Eleven” group, Asian Tiger Capital Partners have launched themselves in Bangladesh complete with a bengal tiger as logo. Their blurb goes like this

Asian Tiger Capital Partners is one of the first financial institutions in Bangladesh focusing on private equity and venture capital. Asian Tiger Capital Partners invests in leading companies and works with management to grow and improve them and thereby create shareholder value.

I read more of their interim web site and find that they want to invest in companies with a strong domestic and foreign presence and also create joint ventures in sectors such as outsourcing. There are not many indicators what these companies are. I would have also thought there is an assurance problem here…and am quite surprised to learn that the World Bank ranks Bangladesh higher than India in terms of “Investor Protection.” The political analysis of Bangladesh is a little …em…glossy but this site is certainly one to watch though.