Collapsed Phoenix Mill

On saturday around 11am I was driving to the Liberation War Museum from Gulshan 2. At the Gulshan 1 circle, the road leading down through Gulshan 1 was blocked by police. My initial suspicion was that some “dignitary” was heading somewhere in Gulshan and getting the usual disruptive VIP treatment. Following the diverted route, I found other routes similarly blocked off. I began to suspect something else….and then I found out. The Phoenix Mill at Tejgaon had collapsed. (See picture above. You can just make out a crane where the building was. Apologies for poor shot - it is the Motorolla RAZR).

The building was apparently listed for demotion as it was a poorly maintained industrial unit. Dhaka is jammed pack with unsafe structures built with little regard for anything. Read HERE about how to build a dodgy building in Dhaka.
It beggars belief (or does it?) that an industry which earns the country around $6bn and employs upto 2 million directly and indirectly shows no concern for the welfare and the safety of the workers.

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