Lonely Planet Guide on Bangladesh

If you drive around Dhaka, you will find street urchins and adults approach you with paperback books. Copyright is not a major headache in Bangladesh, and facsimiles of popular books will be on offer - just like the foreign DVD market. Anyway, a couple of years ago I let slip my high moral principles about intellectual property and bought a Lonely Planet Guide for 100 takas. I have lots to say about parts of it…but overall it was not that bad. I say this grudgingly because Lonely Planet guides are notoriously xenophobic in my opinion. Its guides to Ecuador, Peru and Colombia - my honeymoon destinations - were all full of xenophobic bilge. Anyway, I look forward to this new installment on Bangladesh. And just by chance, whilst using the social network browser Flock ( its damn good - try it!) I discovered these photos on Flickr from a recce trip by the Lonely Planet Guide photographer ( presumably). Take a look. Very interesting shots.

Lonely Planet Guide on Bangladesh?