I wake up this morning and my ever changing RSS feed reader tells me Libya is heading the UN Security Council. My first instinct is change my feed reader again. But no, it appears to be true no matter what xml I digest. My second instinct is to rub my eyes vigorously. Again that didnt change things either. The country which has sponsored terrorism in Scotland, Italy, Germany ( these are the ones I know of and there are plenty of other places I am sure) and has been involved in wars and conflicts in Africa and which has given succour to the killers of Sheikh Mujib is now the President of the world’s security council??? For fxxxx sake I say. Is there no limit to this? The rehabilitation of Gaddafi the nutter is now complete. Blair visited him. Then Sarkozy and now this.

Is there a positive side to this at all? Well, if it means we get to see more of Gaddafi’s Amazonian guard then at least that’s something…..?! For those who dont know….his personal bodyguard teams consists exclusively of leggy women, trained to use sophisticated weaponry and dressed, literally, to kill :- )