Some 10,000 textile workers defy a ban on protests in Dhaka (22/09/07)

Under the photo above, the BBC editor has commented “Garment workers regularly take to the streets.”

Yup. Just that. A total abstraction. As if these lumpen workers just get up and swarm on to the streets with their lathis willy-nilly. Like in Bunuel’s film L’Age D’or where the voiceover says “And sometimes on sundays….” and then you see a building collapse. A total absurdity and if you are reading this I would appeal to you to drop the idiot editor a line. What is regular and sustained, as I have said before, are bad salaries, unsafe working conditions, and building collapses like in Bunuel’s film which kill and maim workers.

This is a classic case of a BBC editor using stock photography to illustrate a story. In this case, it seems to be highly inappropriate to use a photo from months ago to illustrate a totally different problem happening in 2008. How do i know this? The alt tag of the image reveals all! Here is what it says:

Some 10,000 textile workers defy a ban on protests in Dhaka (22/09/07)

And the image shows the workers carrying lathis. Were they carrying lathis yesterday? This is the sort of slapdash stuff the BBC now regularly outputs.