Bangladesh did it haphazardly. Pakistan did it violently. And Nepal did it democratically.

In July of this year, there came the stunning news that Sheikh Hasina had been arrested. The writing was on the wall for some time but no one could believe it when it actually happened - especially not Hasina herself! She always thought that her status as daughter of Mujib conferred some special status  above and beyond that due to a politician or even a party leader. And she repeatedly reminded people of that relationship in her own hectoring, finger-wagging style. The powers of state were supposed to be hers by birthright and then suddenly and incredibly, she was at the mercy of those powers! Before the CTG took over and during Khaleda’s tenure in 2006, Hasina was busy preparing her son to take on the job. After each deadly clash on the streets, her son Joy ( who would stay at home during the demonstrations behind mummy’s apron), would visit the wounded in hospital. Yes it was a farcical as that. Read HERE and HERE.   But with her arrest, the annointed son has not had the spine to show up in Dhaka and protest in person. He prefers blogging in the US and has launched a toothless petition on the web seeking his mother’s release and which has garnered something like 800 signatures (many obviously fake- I put in two names myself!) over all these months .

And not long after, in september, came the arrest of Khaleda Zia. And before that her dear son Tarek was arrested. Ah Tarek. I doubt if there has ever been a “politician” so bereft of a sense of proportion and so unable to appreciate the role history had handed his family. Uncouth and uneducated, she and her son Tarek are finding out the hard way. “Zia is the idea, Khaleda is the present, Tarek is the future.” Last year that slogan looked menacingly possible but now Tarek’s chances of becoming the future are as good as George Bush’s chances of becoming a Hafiz.

And  this week’s awful news of the killing of Bhutto. Two brothers and father…all dead. That is the tally. They are blaming the nebulous Al Qaeda ….as it says you must on the song sheet. Musharraf’s anti-democratic politics had nothing to do with it of course! US stooge status has brought further ruin to this failing state of Pakistan, a process that started in 1947.

And this week too the Nepali political parties have decided to boot out the monarchy. I say democratically above but I am not forgetting the ten years of bloodshed between 1996 and 2006. Nearly 15,000 people died in that conflict - mostly non-combatants. The Maoists walked out of the interim government and demanded that the monarchy end. And it looks like it will.

But getting rid of these dynasties, though significant, pales in comparison to the other upheavals these countries are likely to witness in the near future. Brace yourselves.