press show
Ah it has become an annual thing this…thanks to everyone for their emails and sms. I should put on my D&G shades and in best film-maker style wave and blow you all kisses.

So it was our press day today 28th November for Swapnabhumi - The Promised Land. The public show was a sell out. Response has been very positive and some people are even “ecstatic.” LOL.

Seriously though, our documentary comes at a critical point for the Bihari community. Only yesterday the High Court asked the authorities why the Biharis should not be enrolled on the voter-list. It is our hope and wish that our film will make a difference in some way. This film is an appeal for “acknowledgement”…in the biggest sense of that word. And its an appeal to start here and move on.

Hopefully those of you outside Bangladesh will see it soon. Check the web site for details. - yeah ok, it isnt done it…no fault of our redoubtable designer the great Catalin Dantis, designer for Porsche and owner of two male turtles. Rather, the fault is mine and my hospital-filled timetable.