• Saudi Arabia has pledged $100m.
  • The UK is sending $5m.
  • The US has offered $2m and is sending two amphibious naval vessels with helicopters.

All that means is that for a minimum layout the US will get to create some brand awareness in a muslim country. This is how USAID describes it

Clear evidence of the value of the increased visibility of foreign aid came in the aftermath of the 2004/2005 U.S. tsunami relief effort, the first time USAID’s new “brand identity” was used publicly. According to a State Department study, in 2004, favorable opinions of the U.S. were at record lows in many Muslim countries. But, in early 2005, favorability of the U.S. nearly doubled in Indonesia (from 37 to 66 percent) thanks to the massive delivery of — for the first time “well branded” — U.S. foreign assistance. A Pew Research study confirms this: “Positive opinions of the U.S. in Indonesia, which had plummeted to as low as 15 percent in 2003, also have rebounded to 38 percent. The U.S. tsunami aid effort has been widely hailed there; 79 percent of Indonesians say they have a more favorable view of the U.S. as a result of the relief efforts.”

And given the noise being made by some US based Bangladeshi bloggers about this american aid, no doubt the branding will succeed …at least as far as the hearts and minds of these US based bangladeshi bloggers are concerned!