Here is a picture of one side of a room in which I am imprisoned. This is our ‘editing suite’ and pictured is Nur, our assistant editor, at the helm. Deadlines seem to come and go. I have given up looking at the calendar. Yesterday after a thirteen hour stint we only managed to…..


And I managed to escape for a while and visit Nando’s in Dhanmondi- the South African grilled chicken restaurant chain - with my wife and kid. (I wrote about it briefly earlier before it had opened). The decor is really outstanding. And I am afraid that is the only positive thing I have to say.

The staff unfortunately wear RAB style bandanas around their heads. They look silly. Unlike Nandos I have been to elsewhere, you are served at the table. Service was not fast. And when the chicken did come, it was underdone. I sent it back. And the grilled chicken does not taste likeit does in Nandos in dear old Durban, South Africa or indeed any other Nandos anywhere. The chips are not chips. There are no olives to start with or nuts. And the portugese roll is a joke. Totally crap experience. I should have remained chained in the editing suite…