City Cell

Want to save yourself a lot of grief? Avoid dial ups. Want to save money? Avoid dial ups. Want acceptable speeds? AVOID PROSHIKA, AVOID BOL-ONLINE. Want freedom? Avoid flippin dial ups.

Get yourself a data card ( pcmcia) or a usb card and connect at 2.5G to 3G speeds. Anywhere. In traffic jams. In your Dhanmondi or Gulshan flat why look out at ugly construction sites when you can surf the web? It is simply amazing and I don’t know why I havent subscribed before. Grameen does an EDGE version but if your PC is Vista, then you are scuppered (at least for now). However CityCell’s is compatible with XP and Vista ( and they have software for Mac too). Yes I know its a crying shame to use American cdma technology but life is about compromises.