Another country which is not new to “cartoon capers” is Malaysia. The Danish issue got up the wicks of these cartoon haters and most recently, an image of Christ with a fag in one hand and a can of beer in the other also did not go down well. But its a lot more serious than that:

Malaysia’s first astronaut is going to blast off on October 10th and so, very thoughtfully, Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development have produced a 20 page booklet for the lucky sod giving him guidelines about how to fulfill his muslim obligations. They are hoping he will choose to fast and pray five times a day whilst spinning around the earth 16 times in 24 hours and in zero gravity. What is day up there in space is not well defined by the learned people at the department. Perhaps just as well….I calculate the astronaut would have to pray 80 times if the satellite is circling the earth 16x a day…? The booklet also covers washing rituals but sadly the press report does not go into much detail here. I suspect they are packing some dilla kulub for him? What do you think?

Are you surpised the Malaysians can send people to space? Well actually, the Malaysian is hitching a lift with the Russians. Part of a billion dollar deal where Malaysia buys fighter aircrafts from Russia and gets a free ride to space for a bloke thrown in.  Here too the ever vigilant Islamic Development have anticipated issues and are ready with solutions: they doubt the Russians have the technology to prepare halal food for their fearless muslim brother-cosmonaut and so have instructed the good mossolman to only eat enough to stave off hunger. You can’t make it up…. (Buying a whole fleet of fighter aircrafts ….now thats pretty Islamic).