Yunus Stamp

Here is a snippet of the preliminary conversation which took place between Md Yunus and Md Design Wallah for the design of the commemorative stamp (released/inaugurated the other day ( see my post on that)).

Muhammad Design Wallah: Sir, i have come to consult you about the stamp design.

Muhammad Yunus: Its very simple. Dont get it wrong. Make my face the biggest element in the stamp. Touch up my teeth if required. Next put in my Nobel medal..Slightly faded and have it as a halo around my head. Get that? As a saintly halo. And thats it. Get on with it.

Muhammad Design Wallah: But Sir the stamp commemorates Grameen Bank as well.

Muhammad Yunus: What? Oh yes forgot about that. I shared half the money with my own Grameen Bank, didnt I? He he. Those Norwegians…he he. Yes paste the Grameen logo in. But make sure it doesn’t compete with my face. Understand?

Muhammad Design Wallah: Yes sir. Very good sir. Nine bags of wool sir. Anything else sir?

Muhammad Yunus: Can I advertise my grameen phone on it? No I guess not. But make sure you cut and paste Grameen Check on my Kurta. Ok? Any more questions?

Muhammad Design Wallah: Sir, forgive me, but the last time you inaugurated a microcredit stamp was in 2005 ( the UN Year of Microcredit). Madame Khaleda presided over the proceedings. She is now under arrest. Do you think the same fate will befall those who inaugurate this stamp?

Muhammad Yunus: Beyadob. Faizlami koro amar shathe?


2005 stamp inauguration:

2005 inauguration

2007 stamp inauguration:

2007 inauguration