I received an email from Jean-Paul of Peuples Solidaires responsible for the French leg of the tour being undertaken by Jahangir Alam and Nura Alam (see my previous post) - a couple of garment workers who were injured in the dreadful and tragic events of last April. I copy his email below. By way of explanation: Solo Invest buys extensively from a variety of Bangladesh garment manufactureres. See HERE. The trust fund Jean-Paul refers to has been set up to properly compensate the injured workers, and the families of those who perished at Spectrum.

Two meeting were planned in France. In the morning, we met with SOLO Invest… They gave us reports of the audit and have been very open to the discussion. The workers have underlined the weakeness of the social audit and SOLO is ready to go further on this issue, and to implement their code of conduct. The main result is that SOLO is ready to contribute to the Trust Fund. We also had a meeting with French NGO and TU, mainly based on Carrefour. This was very useful to explain more the situation and the demands of the workers to those who are pressuring Carrefour. The meeting with Carrefour is planned on the 20th afternoon.