In two day’s time, prominent human rights activist Sultana Kamal will preside over a small ceremony to recognise the courage of some garment workers who came forward and spoke about their experiences in the garment industry on film. A one-off fund has been established by Drishtipat and the film makers of Bostrobalikara. I quote from the Bangla press release below.

Asif Saleh, one of the founders of Drishtipat said: “Drishtipat
launched in the UK last year with a dance play and panel discussion on
the plight of the garment workers. This fund is an extension of our
work to continue to highlight the ongoing problems faced by these
workers who through their toil have done so much for the country.”

Tanvir Mokammel, the director of the documentary, added: ” I am
extremely pleased to be able to make a gesture, with the help of
Drishtipat, to the brave girls who came forward to speak to us on
film about their lives in the garment industry. I consider it a great
privilege that my team could film them and make their voices more
audible through the medium of this documentary.

The funds are a one-off payment and will go towards
schooling, medicines, for baby sitting provision, the relief of debt
and for a marriage celebration among other things.