UPDATE TO POST: here is the stamp.

Corruption’s other cousin - anti-competitive practice - reared its slightly less ugly head when a new ten taka stamp honouring nobel laureate Mohammed Yunus was unveiled yesterday. Dressed up as honouring a national achievement it is of course nothing more than shameless state patronage of a particular conglomerate. What the hell are competitors supposed to make of this? Yes folks its directed development. Get to tolerate it.

The stamp was unavailable in Gulshan post office today. I am wondering what the thing looks like. Is it a generic type of shot of women staring ahead to a bright future or is it the grameen logo perhaps ( which shamelessly appropriates the national colours and the flag)?

I suspect neither. I suspect it is the scarey face of the loan shark banker to the poor Mohammed Yunus grinning ( his way to the bank). Minus three solution anyone?