Mobiles came back on last night, and I was thus able to check on the safety of my mates and colleagues. The administration intends to relax things depending on the situation. Here are some snaps I took with my camera phone this morning in Gulshan 2 - Gulshan  has been free of violence. Most shops and offices are closed, and there is nothing like the chaos I saw around 4pm yesterday.

No respite for the bostrobalika. These girls have to report for duty curfew or no curfew.

Garment Girls

These chaps told me they were as cheesed off with things as everyone else. When i asked them if they were getting double time…they snorted.

They stop the cars that have ventured out and usually let them go. The authorities have said that if you produce a passport and ticket it is sufficient to use as a “pass.”

Around 8.30am this morning


Riot gear.

Riot gear

Editors have been told not to publish photos of “bhangchoor.” However all kudos to them that they have. I guess the authorities didnt want too many Kung Fu Scenes like this from the Daily Star (yesterday) depicting a classic bengali attitude to the military.
Drop Kick

At least this stall holder didnt have to get up at the crack of dawn today.

stall holder

I doubt these day labourers ( who congregate at the top of Road No 35) will get anything today….funny, isn’t it, they always lose out when these things happen
Day labourers