Bangladeshi construction workers, among others, are responsible for the gleaming towers one sees in metropolitan environments from Singapore to Dubai and yet there is no recognition of their contribution.

Artists Joshua Yang and Justin Loke, in one instance of creative brilliance, have changed things. Opposite the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles in Singapore, they have erected a statue of a migrant worker. Their installation makes a brave and unconventional statement that foreign workers ( Foreign Talent) should occupy the same hallowed ground ( Common Ground) as Sir Stamford Raffles, the British East India Company man who “built” Singapore.

And the installation of the statue was telling in itself. Less than a week after it was set up, it was knocked down and damaged by a delivery van. Justin Loke made this comment:

Just like construction workers meeting with accidents at worksites, art works also. I think it’s the best reflection of reality, of real life where they meet accidents every day. So it’s a sculpture of a construction worker after an accident.