Muslim Aid Bangladesh (a component of Muslim Aid, a charity based here in the UK) has come under the spotlight from a ultra-right wing online publication called Frontpage magazine. Frontpage has claimed, based on third party reports, that Muslim Aid Bangladesh is channeling funds to dodgy organisations in the muslim world. The fur has been flying a bit and Muslim Aid has sent a letter through its solicitors - the well known and heavy-weight Carter-Ruck law firm (specialising in celebrity libel, slander and defamation cases) - asking Frontpage to publish their letter of complaint and to refrain from publishing such stuff in the future.  Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) employed Carter-Ruck to successfully sue News International when they linked him with terror last year.

Although I hate quoting online rags devoted to conservative advocacy, here is what they have to say:

Muslim Aid has been linked to militancy in Bangladesh, Bosnia and Indonesia by Spanish intelligence, Bangladeshi intelligence, CNN, International Institute for Asian Studies and the prestigious International Crisis Group (ICG). ICG and other leading think tanks have reported that Muslim Aid branches have helped to finance KOMPAK, an Islamic charity which is linked to Jemaah Islamiah operatives and finances militant camps in Indonesia.

Question is will Muslim Aid clear their name? Or will they forget about it given that it is only an online publication?