Things must be looking bad if Hasina’s lot feel the need to engage a lawyer who is currently defending an accused Croatian Army general. Dr Payam Akhavan is a distinguished lawyer and his CV is sure to make lawyers in Bangladesh burn the midnight oil at double the usual rate. Until 2000 he was even an adviser to the prosecutor’s office for the Yugoslav and Rwanda war crimes tribunal at the Hague. So its a bit strange that he is now defending a person ( General Ante Gotovina) he must have helped indict ? …..I guess lawyers, at the end of the day, are just hired guns and of course money talks. And these croation thugs are not short of a bob or two ( Gotovina enjoyed the playboy life in the Canaries before his capture).  And neither is Hasina short of a bob or two - according to the present caretaker government!

My own advice to Payam is this:  You might like to know one thing about your client. She is responsible for inciting violence over a very long period. In this respect, your Lieutenant General client has something in common. So you have the unique and precise credentials to assist Hasina.