Sigma Huda

She was on a list I drew up of people I had to interview at the earliest possible opportunity concerning migrant labour and trafficking. Sadly for her, she was also on another list. A list of suspected corrupt individuals drawn up by the caretaker government. And it seems I will have to hang on a bit before I will get the chance to talk to her because she has been jailed.

A UN Special Rapporteur, among other things, she was perhaps the most prominent of activists concerning the trafficking of women. I am not competent to say what impact her work has had but clearly many foreign organisations valued her work. Indeed here is a somewhat desperate press statement released by Janice Raymond (pdf file), Co-Executive Director, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women International in protest at Sigma’s treatment. It is written as if Sigma herself dictated it, and gives a time line of events concerning Huda and her family’s recent troubles. I would have thought it would have been more prudent and effective if the tone was more measured. Still there it is. Judge for yourself. I put it up because, as I say, it seems to give Huda’s perspective. Something you won’t find in the press. Nor indeed in Adhunika blog which had her as a “hero” until the “suspect list” was published when they promptly removed her name - as if she never existed or did all the things they had previously eulogised! I should make it clear I neither support nor oppose her jail sentence. My interest in her is narrow and lies elsewhere - that I failed to interview her about her work!