I sing the song of equality
where all obstacles melt and all distances disappear
where merge as men, the Hindus and the Buddhists, the Muslims and the Christians the world over

The song of equality do I sing in joy

Who are you? Parsee? Jain? Jew? Santal, Bheel or Garo?
The follower of Confucius or the disciple of Charbak?
Say what you will, and be what you please!
Carry on your backs and breasts, whatever books and scriptures you like
and read what you will of the Quran, Puran and Vedas, Vedants, Bible, Tripitak and Zendabesta, Granth Sahib and so forth

But why rake your brain and haggle inside the shop?
Fresh flowers bloom outside.
Open your heart, and you will find in it all books and scriptures, and all knowledge of all times
In your heart lie all religions and prophets …..

Nazrul Islam, the rebel poet, born this day in 1899.