When I was in academia I used a fantastic program called Endnote to sort out my bibliography. Now I have discovered an equally fantastic web2 product called LibraryThing. I was forced to do this because “friends” come and borrow books and I never flippin see them again ( Daoud - this includes you). So I searched around, and goodness me this product took my breath away. I have just added 85 books on Bangladesh ( about half my bangladesh collection) in the last three hours to my online catalogue ( SEE HERE) . It is incredibly simple. Punch in the author or title and if you are searching in the right places ( amazon and the library of congress did it for me) you get your book and the details about it within seconds. Click on it and there it is added to your own catalogue. As a web 2 product it is of course a social thingy and you can see other users  who have the same book etc ( if they have chosen not to be private). Incredible. It is an invaluable resource and only $25 for “lifetime” use. You can manually add books too - very useful for publications from bangladesh with dodgy isbns etc.