The World Bank has managed to shed itself of Paul Wolfowitz. Despite the face saving words of spin extracted by the US  for its favourite blood hound in the resignation statement, the fact of the matter is, as Americans say, his ass is fried. This man who is responsible for so much death and destruction personifies the unreal world neocon thinking inhabits. If you remember he was the man who predicted that US soldiers would be feted in the streets of Baghdad after invasion. The Iraqis answered him when he visited Baghdad by almost succeeding in putting a rocket up his arse.

I wondered what the neocon response is to this latest setback to their plan for world domination. And google reader kindly brought my attention to Melanie Phillip’s article  ( a brit gutter journalist) perfectly summarising neocon fantasies. You know what? Its all a Chinese conspiracy.

Here he is with another ambitious personage in a room which appears to require an urgent makeover.

Hasina with Wolfie 2005