I was feeling guilty a couple of days ago about the backlog of work I have to do. Under these circumstances, its best to ignore the work entirely and build up the feeling of guilt to bursting point. Then - under the pressure of deadlines and potential humiliation - creativity flows. So I avoided my pile of work and went straight to John Lewis and bought an archos 604 wifi. It is a fantastic wee machine. I immediately transferred some films to it. Given my lifestyle currently it is the only way I can keep on top of some brilliant new films. I watched Jesus Camp on it. What an utterly brilliant documentary it is. The directors, Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady (below), have made a very sensitive and thoroughly researched film. The camera work is also outstanding. In case you have not heard about it, the documentary is about evangelical christians and their children. Frightening and disturbing, for me it brings home how similar fundamentalists are to each other…. whether they subscribe to christianity or to islam or to judaism or whatever. See the web site here.

Ewing and Grady

And talking about reactionaries, fingers crossed tonight for the archangel of reaction in the US - Paul Wolfowitz - to be given the boot.