From Timothy Sowula

Two weeks ago, the generals in control of Bangladesh were on the cusp of completing their coup through the “democracy minus-two” plan, with the imminent exile of two previous prime ministers, Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina. This attempt to end their dynastic and allegedly hugely corrupt control over the country spectacularly backfired however, with the former leaders popular again, whilst the military-backed interim government has lost a huge amount of international and domestic support and legitimacy. Then on Tuesday May 1, three small bombs exploded in the three major cities, planted by Zadid al-Qaida. Political power and the responsibility that comes with it must now look far less attractive.

What is the basis of their (Hasina+Khaleda) popularity pray?? The question is will they able to put together a programme/reform package which would be acceptable and  would ensure that we don’t return to those futile days and thus pre-empt the so-called Pakistani model? Sure the military must not be given a free hand. Are the two grannies able to rise to that challenge?