A press release from the International Bangladesh Foundation:

Sheikh Hasina, Leader of the Awami League, met Lord Avebury, Vice Chair of Parliamentary Human Rights group at the House of Lords on Friday. She told Lord Avebury that she will be flying back to Bangladesh on Sunday. She added that while she and her party had welcomed many of the actions of the caretaker government and agreed with the caretaker government’s effort to reform the political system and stamp out corruption, she considers that elections should be held much sooner than the end of 2008. She intends to contest the charges made against her, which she says are manifestly ill-founded.

Lord Avebury said that under international law, a person cannot be denied entry to his or her own country [Article 12(4) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, of which Bangladesh is a signatory]. He hoped that no impediment would be placed on Sheikh Hasina’s return.