The government is playing out the script well. No punishment for the corrupt and violent leaders like Hasina and Khaleda - only cushy exile in Saudi and the USA. Here is the press note concerning Hasina.

I wish the government had the capacity to deal with these people at home. But it isn’t to be it seems. They risk trouble down the line but I guess short term decisions are easier to make if big brother is breathing down your neck. It is as if they are acting out a script given to them to manage the situation. And the script is faulty.

And what of Hasina? Last year she was in her element calling hartal after gherao after hartal. She had no care or concern for the young activists who got killed or maimed or injured. Indeed she made sure her son and heir was there for the provided photo-opps . One day she would receive a Mother Teresa prize, the next day she would be calling for more blood. So is exile in the land of the free to be her fate? Real justice would see her locked up.