Well the big news is that the country is going to expel Khaleda. The main reason is that no one can stand her coiffure anymore, and she is being asked to go to a country where her bouffant will need to be encased in a hijab or some such. She has been hesitating thus far because naturally she is reluctant to hide her incredible head of hair and moreover she fears haircare products may be difficult to come by in the desert state of Saudi Arabia. What broke the camel’s back, in terms of her decision making is not clear. Was it Coco’s brush with the agencies or was it the recent visit of a renowned dandruff expert to Saudi? Who knows…?

I wonder if Khaleda will go and pay her respects to Idi Amin? He died in exile in Saudi. Have any of you seen the recent film about Idi called the Last King of Scotland? It won a few gongs recently.  Well whatever… lets hope Khaleda is the last queen of Bangladesh.

Here is a picture of her hairstyle at its glorious best a few years ago

Khaleda hair