Dana “Dino-farts” Rohrabacher, the US politician and member of the House of Represenatives is the man responsible for delaying the deportation of Major Mohiuddin, the condemened killer of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Dana is well known for popularising the idea of dinosaur flatulence causing global warming. Interestingly he is a rabid opponent of illegal immigration and has proposed, amongst many other things, that people who are unable to prove their immigration status are denied emergency medical help. In March of 2006, according to Wikipedia, he “decried a guest worker proposal as “the foul odor that’s coming out of the United States Senate.”" He has obviously got a thing about smells?

The fact that Mohiuddin himself is an illegal immigrant ( he has overstayed his US visitor’s visa by many years) did not deter Dana from seeking a stay on this self-proclaimed killer’s deportation. Smells fishy to me.