Nagork Shakti UK

Bangla Mirror, a rag which claims to be the “First English Weekly for Brit Bangladeshis.” looks set to champion the cause of banker and nobel laureate Mohammed Yunus. The March 9th edition of the paper has a news item on a meeting organised by the Greater London Nagorik Shakti. And it seems the office bearers of this organisation are the top dogs of the paper. Adbul Karim Goni is the editor of the paper and joint convener of Nagorik Shokti Greater London Branch. The Executive Editor of the paper Sarwar Morshed is also a member of the committee etc. Being newspaper men, they have difficulty with spelling. The printed version uses both spelling forms : Shakti and Shokti, Nagarik and Nagorik. Whilst their spelling might be inconsitent, these fans of Yunus are uniformly consistent in their arse licking. The meeting was apparently to discuss the “future of Bangladesh under the leadership of a globally celebrated visionary personality like Dr Mohammad Yunus.”

This is the first time I have seen the paper. And it was a very interesting read - particularly the ads which feature in it. There were ads claiming success in curing baldness; ads by outfits offering financial services for those who are bankrupt or have county court judgements against them and those with poor credit history; and the usual ads for Tandoori chefs. The first two ad types are sadly entirely relevant to my case. And I dare say I could give some Tandoori chefs a run for their money in terms of quality of cooking.