The sheer pleasure to be derived from the thought of Tarek or Tarique, that arrogant young turk, weeping/sobbing in the dock is something else. The image of him arriving in court wearing a RAB flak jacket and helmet is enormously satisfying.


The image is beautiful in an ordered pair. Here below is its binary partner:

Shaikh Abdur Rahman and Bangla bhai

However this feeling of joy is fleeting. Suspension of all political activity, even meetings indoors is strange and suffocating (well, at least to someone sitting five thousand miles away). A crisis of democracy surely can only be resolved by the practice of democracy. Or maybe thats too rational? The spectacle of arresting high profile crooks, impounding luxury cars and recovering hoarded loot seems to have the purpose of legitimating whatever they are doing…And sooner or later it won’t wash. Rooting out corruption and violence in the political process is exactly that…a process. Lets not suspend it.