The nobel laureate and the man behind the so-called microcredit revolution is contemplating launching his own political party, possibly with the name -” Nagorik Shakti” or citizen’s power. If you read bangladesh related blogs you will find only superlatives attached to Prof Yunus’ name, and I shall maintain the tradition: He is, for example, THE consummate politician. True this is only when it comes to making embarassing political gaffes but hey, don’t knock it, he is good at it. He has no identifiable social base. This fact has never daunted him, and he proclaims merrily ” I want to be in politics with everyone.” No point in reminding Mr Yunus that there are winners and losers in politics or that there damn well should be. He is an economist. He knows all about pareto optimality. Let him marry the interests of the destitute with the production functions of the elite.

I can’t wait to see this guy’s manifesto. Already his putative party structure has raised an eyebrow or two. The party is to consist of volunteers who will locate and finance morally superior beings for the forthcoming (one hopes) elections. What this means for party discipline god only knows but it strikes me that the system is just a tad open to manipulation? But I shouldn’t think it is as devolved as the Daily Star report has made it out to be. Prof Yunus rules Grameen with an authoritarian zeal. And so if we do an elementary exercise in logic, it would go something like this:

In Awami League, all roads lead to Sheikh Hasina.

In BNP, all roads lead to Khaleda Zia.

In Grameen Bank, alll roads lead to Prof. Yunus!

Therefore, in Yunus’ new party, oooh I am stumped…..