I flew back on an Emirates flight yesterday. I always like to make small talk on these long flights with my fellow passengers, and make it a point to do so even if they are not female and pretty. However I was stumped yesterday. The two chaps next to me sat down and immediately grabbed magazines on golf and Formula 1 motor racing. For me there can never be a stronger conversation stopper than people expressing an interest in golf and motor racing. I mean what the hell man…?

Anyway, all that is a long preamble to tell you that I was forced to switch on the inflight radio as a result and found out about an amazing initiative. Emirates is doing quite a few charitable projects in bangladesh but this one is particularly interesting: it concerns the work Runa Khan is doing, supported by Emirates Airlines, in remote parts of north-west Bangladesh. I had vaguely heard about it but listening to Runa explain the way the whole hospital ship thing started was fascinating. Locals call her ship the “angel.” Read about it below. Another hospital ship is on its way mid-2007.

Runa Khan
Runa Khan is not from an NGO background, and that is very telling in the way she speaks. Whilst one has to be careful about the whole business of charity this one is certainly pushing the boundaries in more ways than one including capacity development and skills transfer.
I searched on the web for more information and found something HERE.