I feel sorry for old Pat Butenis. I really do. I never thought I would feel sorry for an ambassador of the United States of America but, goddamit, I do. Check the US envoy’s latest comment. It is one of exasperation and disbelief. Christmas is around the corner and she is mired in Dhaka having to put up with politicians who between them have less maturity than say your average hoodlum in the deprived areas of New York or Los Angeles.

I am an optimist by nature, and my observations reflect that optimism but my outlook on life is often severely challenged by your politics. (Quoted in The Daily Star, 18 December)

Indeed. Of course the politics of the US of A severely challenges every notion of decency and honour and what it is to be human but those are small things and we needn’t go into all that here. Nor do we need to reflect on the mature deeds or indeed outlook of Pat’s boss, a certain George W Bush - a man who can’t even eat a pretzel. No. Question is do Bangladeshi politicians need a ‘mom’ to discipline them? Possibly. And you have set yourself up as that mom, Pat, so don’t moan too much. (By the way, why can’t americans spell mum correctly??) Will you keep a diary mommy Pat? Ah all those tea parties and nocturnal trysts in various Gulshan residences to decide the nation’s fate - and all those guests, including those who have mates in Gitmo….best seller material at least in Dhaka?