GMG Airlines took off late from Kolkata. It is always annoying to hear such an extended islamic prayer being offered before the crew address the issue of safety and other flight information. I mean what the hell? I was cold, hungry and exhausted. And those same words escaped my lips when I saw my friend’s car come to pick me up at Zia International. I know she has a wicked sense of humour but what the hell was that Bangladeshi flag doing on the car bonnet. She is a bureaucrat but this was her private car. And she knows very well my views about nationalist symbols. And then her sms text registered on my phone:

sur jodayeo tumi, sur jateo tumi O amar Bangladesh prio janmovumi. Amader muktijudhher shapnogulo purno hoak, purno hoak.

Bloody hell. I had forg otten of course. It was 16th December - well about one hour left of it. Our victory day. It is so easy to forget. A national malaise sadly.