South Korea protest

Many, many thanks to the anonymous reader who sent me this inspiring link about a demo by migrant workers in South Korea against the government’s Employment Permit System. It describes a demo which took place some years ago or around December 7th this year - I can’t work it out! Anyway, the article refers to a Ms Jalal of Bangladesh who performed a song at the demo (is that her in the pic below?) :

One of the undisputed highlights of the rally was the performance of WAW (We Are Warriors, breaking the borders): a traditional song from Bangladesh modified with a song against EPS, and employer arbitrariness and demanding the struggle for a better life. The song was created as a expression dance by Ms Jallal from Bangladesh - really great it was.

The Employment Permit System Act came into effect in August (2004), giving the Ministry of Labour a legislative structure to control and monitor migrant workers for the first time. The Act allows migrant workers with visas to work for a maximum of three years, and gives some protection of basic rights. However, undocumented workers who have stayed longer than four years are liable to immediate detention pending deportation. Employers face large fines if they employ undocumented workers.

There are around two hundred thousand undocumented workers not registered with the authorities, many of whom are unemployed. They provide cheap labour, often in dangerous conditions. ( Culled from Amnesty International).

Ms Jalal